Omaha is in trouble, Florence Mill reopens, give your early ballot back

05/10/21 • Nebraska Vaccine Data. • Nationwide Case Trends

Omaha has problems

Read more about the people behind the issues ahead of Tuesday’s general election.

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Happy National Clean up your room day

Sweep dust, take a break for today’s news. Repeat steps: Omaha restaurants are welcoming the crowds back for Mother’s Day, the historic Florence Mill is slated to reopen in June, and Douglas County election officials and candidates are urging early voters to return their ballots before Tuesday’s election.

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Around Omaha

  • Thanks to falling Covid-19 cases and increasing vaccinations, restaurants are welcoming the crowds back to Mother’s Day. However, many restaurants are unable to reach full capacity due to reduced staff.
  • After a year-long hiatus, Omaha’s historic Florence Mill will reopen in June, including the museum and farmers’ market on Sundays.
  • An Omaha woman creates a nonprofit called MOMentum with the aim of reducing the feminization of poverty and helping mothers struggling with poverty.
  • Election officials and candidates for Douglas County’s mayor and city council are encouraging voters to submit their early ballots for Tuesday’s election.

Around Nebraska

  • The Nebraska District Attorney continues to sentence convicted murderers to death, but the state has no lethal execution drugs and is unlikely to be able to acquire one for years, if any.
  • An 18-year-old woman and her boyfriend are charged with attempted murder in Papillion. Authorities say the couple tried to kill the woman’s father with a meat tenderizer.
  • Doris Feilmeier, a dedicated Hartington mother and Holy Trinity Church volunteer, is named Nebraska Mother of the Year 2021.

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Omaha spring wedding guide
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If you want to hire a professional to do your hair, some salons offer discounts for styling multiple heads at once. This is perhaps the most compelling reason to party at the best beauty salon in Omaha. Or hire licensed hairdressers or beauticians to work on-site at the wedding reception for a more flexible experience. Don’t forget that local Facebook groups like Weddings Omaha can help you find all kinds of local experts, including makeup and hair.

If you’re more interested in a DIY approach, whatever you want, you can always do what you want. Your hair, or a lack of it, is yours all year round. Be yourself, dig your hair and have fun – you can hardly go wrong.

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After surprisingly low new employment numbers for the month of April, commentators on the right blamed American workers who refused to take on low-wage jobs for part of the problem. Why not pressure employers to pay for market demand?

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