Omaha kneeling homeowners blame the city for leftover garbage disposal

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – When an eyesore surfaced in a neighborhood in Midtown Omaha, the homeowner said it was not their fault. She blamed the city and its garbage truck.

Homeowner Susan Contreras says trash pickup is required behind her home.

“I’m going to have to have knee surgery,” said Contreras. I can’t even bend it, see it crack. “Susan’s doctors sent a message confirming her condition to Omaha’s solid waste program.

“I can’t make it down the alley there,” said Contreras. The city returned a letter accepting the collection of hazardous waste.

Susan with a bum knee had to shove her full trash can 150 feet down to the curb and when it was empty up the hill. That’s why she has to collect her rubbish behind her house.

But since getting approval, Susan says her backyard trash hasn’t been picked up in five weeks.

“Yes, I have to pick this up,” said Susan. It’s just snowball. “

Based on a complaint from her, recorded by the mayor’s hotline on Jan. 14, I was able to check the last two pickup days the city’s garbage truck had missed.

“I don’t want my neighborhood to look like this, it’s embarrassing,” said Susan. I realize they were busy and it’s a new situation, but I need to pick that up. “

Omaha’s FCC Environmental garbage truck has around 6,800 specialty collections off the curb.

Carol Boruch is recovering from hip surgery, saying her garage door pickup was on schedule after just a missed week.

Boruch said, “Yeah, it’s great service, it’s really good. I have no problem with that. If it goes on like this, I’m fine. “

Back behind Susan’s house on Thursday morning, her rubbish was picked up just a few hours after I contacted the city and their rubbish collector.

“It looks nice and clean now,” said Susan. I hope you get on. “

The two-man specialty collections crew even picked up trash that Susan had to pile in front of the town’s trash can. She says that’s the least they could do to be out of date.

The general manager of FCC Environmental Services says the increase to nearly 7,000 special collective stops means routing had to be adjusted and a route added. But he says the number of service problems and complaints has decreased significantly.

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