Omaha Lancers Increase Games Capacity to 75%

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Big changes are on the way for Omaha Lancers games.

Almost 3,000 fans will be admitted to the Ralston Arena for the first time since the pandemic.

This is what the Omaha Lancers leaders and players have been waiting for.

“It’s huge for our fans and players, especially because they come from all over the world to come here and play hockey,” said Brandon Hofstra, Omaha Lancers media relations director.

From Friday evening the capacity will be increased to 75%.

And a whole team is working to ensure that both fans and players stay healthy.

“We have a security company coming in. You go around telling people to put your mask on unless you eat and drink. We have more than 10 to 20 people walking around the entire game, ”says Hofstra.

As soon as the fans enter the arena, they have to disinfect their hands.

Tickets will also be contactless. They use a barcode that is scanned to get inside.

The Ralston Arena also has some new additions to keep fans safe.

“The arena has new taps, new paper towel dispensers and all that stuff that is used with the hand underneath so that people don’t have to keep touching things to keep things cleaner here,” says Hofstra.

Those who work on the games have their temperatures checked before each shift.

The team also closely monitored the players to ensure their safety.

“The staff was really in a good mood. The sports coach went to great lengths to ensure that the boys were checked and that they had Covid tests, ”says Hofstra.

The team leaders say they worked closely with the Douglas County’s Department of Health to work out a plan that would allow so many fans to get in.

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