Omaha man arrested for lewd behavior for 22nd time

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An Omaha man arrested more than 20 times for lewd behavior has been arrested again.

Anthony Triplett, 35, was accused twice in a week of masturbating in two different Omaha drinking establishments. He was arrested over the weekend and sentenced to 150 days in prison on Tuesday.

According to court records, a waitress came out from behind the bar at Lefty’s Bar on Jan. 10 to see Triplet masturbating with his pants down. The waitress threatened to call the police and Triplet reportedly said “thank you” and left the bar.

Kevin Culjat, owner of Lefty’s, says, “Late nights are usually a problem for employees anyway. When you have a guy like that, you worry if he gets out in a month or two. Will he do it again? “

In court, Triplett refused to accept a 100-day prison sentence. Instead, he takes his risk with the system. Something he’s been doing for years.


The prosecutor in court says, “As of 2012, he has 19 convictions for Lewd behavior and indecent exposure.”

On January 16, a court document stated that police officers were sent to the Hook and Lime restaurant for a lewd behavior report. An employee called 911 after seeing Triplet masturbating at a table.

The city prosecutor told 6 News, “It is unfortunate that this type of unacceptable and shocking behavior continues and that he usually seeks maximum jail time for serial and chronic offenders.”

“19 times for the same thing, says Culjat. Is it going to escalate? Terrible things could lead to worse things. “

According to the report, Triplett received 3 lewd behavior convictions in 2020 for a total of 20 since 2012. These two new reports contain a total of 22 convictions for lewd behavior.

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