Omaha man suffers head and chest accidents after being hit by snow plow

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Another winter storm is coming and we’ll see snow plows on public roads and in private parking lots.

The city of Omaha requires 27 contractors to have insurance and legal drivers. But private snowplow operators are on the honor system.

John Ayres was driving down a street on a snowy Saturday a month ago and never expected to be plowed.

“The last thing I remember is the red lightning bolt and a snow blade that plowed me right into the retaining wall over there,” Ayres said.

John sustained head and chest injuries with a seat belt that was a reminder how it could have been worse.

“As bad as this wreck was, the guy could have killed me,” said Ayers. I’m happy to be here. “

Hit by a private pickup truck with a snow shovel that was walking the stop sign and the driver told police he didn’t see Ayer’s car because it was the same color as the snow.

A source background checked the private plow operator’s record.

Nick Jasa of One Source said, “The guy who drives the snow plow has never had a license here and probably shouldn’t have been driving a snow plow. I probably shouldn’t have driven anything. “

The police report said the driver was charged with failing to stop and without a license.

Ms. Crystal Ayres said, “I hope they give us enough to get another vehicle.”

Other than traffic laws, city officials say there are no permits that require insurance and a valid driver’s license for snow plow operators who have private contacts.

“He could have killed my husband and why he was even plowing. It’s just amazing to me, said Crystal.

John says the crash left no trace on his body.

“Now every time I see a snowplow it makes me nervous,” said John.

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