Omaha Mayor Apologizes for Facebook Comment on Korean Letters

At the end of their press conference on the end of the city’s curfew on Wednesday afternoon, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert formally apologized to the woman who insulted her in a Facebook comment on her official page.

Stothert admitted that he had not recognized the “symbols or characters” as Korean letters. “I will apologize today,” said Stothert. “The other day I made a comment on Facebook that I shouldn’t have made. It was inappropriate and I’ll apologize.”

Stothert also sent a letter to the Korean Association of Nebraska, which the organization posted on its Facebook page about 50 minutes before the press conference.

In the letter, Stothert says: “I take responsibility for the Facebook comment and apologize to Ms. Son and anyone who was offended. The letters used were not familiar to me. It was not my intention to question their background or heritage to deliver. “”

The mayor said the organization’s president accepted her apology and plans to meet with him and Soyeon’s son in person on Friday.

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