Omaha medical doctors uncover extra doses than anticipated

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Hospital pharmacists find they have more Pfizer vaccine doses than expected: there are actually more than five in the vials.

The pharmacists here at CUMC Bergan Mercy noticed it immediately on Monday. There was enough vaccine in one vial to make six doses – not the five they expected.

The FDA gave permission to use it. This is good news because more health care workers across the country are getting the vaccine this first week. For CHI Health, that’s around 900 additional photos.

Pharmacist Mike Tiesi said that every vial his team worked with had the sixth dose.

“Sometimes there is even a 7th dose,” said Tiesi. “We saw one or two of the 7th doses, but we decided against using it because there isn’t a sufficient amount that is as reliable as a 6th dose, and we waste syringes to do this. So we decided against the 7th dose. “

But now there is a shortage of needles, so hospitals are careful with these supplies too – for good reason: medical teams are careful not to waste any of the Pfizer vaccines. If an employee at the front cannot make an appointment, there is a backup list.

While pharmacists will receive an extra dose from each vial, they do not mix different vials as this could easily change the effectiveness of the vaccination.

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