Omaha Metro college students prepare to return from summer internships

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Companies are preparing to reinstate college students into their internship programs after many were canceled last summer – but they will look completely different to many students.

“I was planning on moving to Dallas, Texas for the summer which would have been a really fun new experience,” said David Roberts, a Creighton University student, junior at Creighton University.

He should be preparing for an internship in Texas. Instead, his internship experience is done remotely.

“I’ve had two internships in the past year since the pandemic broke out, and they were completely virtual. So I’ve gotten pretty used to working at home, ”said Roberts.

Experts say companies are 50/50 when it comes to personal experiences versus virtual ones. Students say they are a little concerned about missing out on this personal interaction.

“It gives you a little more stress because you’re wondering how to stand out from the crowd, how do I know if I’m doing all the work I need to do? If I have a question, am I bothering someone by calling them on Zoom? ”Said Ashley Nelson, Creighton student.

Those who work closely with UN and Creighton students say internship experience will vary based on company size. Students interning at large companies will likely all be virtual. Interns in smaller companies will have a different experience.

“I would say a lot of small / medium-sized businesses that don’t have that many employees in terms of capacity issues or social distancing. Most students prefer a personal experience. No question about it, ”said Jeremy Fisher’s John P. Fahey Career Center Director.

Students say that while there may be some new hurdles to overcome with a different approach to internship, they are excited about the future.

“You will still have the same options when you are virtual. You will still have the same opportunities to be asked to go with them full time. Being virtual doesn’t necessarily hold you back. “

Experts and students alike say they know they’ll still learn a lot about the workforce during virtual internships – and virtual internships offer students the opportunity to work at companies across the country.

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