Omaha metro firms come first in pandemics

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Across the country, nearly a quarter of all small businesses are still closed because of the pandemic.

The Omaha Chamber of Commerce says the subway does better than most.

Monday has been a month since the Jet Sports Bar opened, and the owners here are proof of the numbers I’m about to show you – painting Omaha is fine.

After a month of business, the Jet Sports Bar is doing better than expected.

“It was scary. Just not knowing what to expect from the pandemic in terms of support. But it was actually the opposite.”

Out of 52 major cities, Omaha is number one with the highest number of small businesses open.

The closure rate is the lowest compared to the rest at 13 percent.

Owner Eric Austin and CEO Troy Hamilton don’t take this for granted.

“The Florence area welcomed us with open arms and it seems like we meet new people every day that we have never met,” said Austin.

So how did the big O stay afloat when much of the land’s bricks and mortar sank? We asked the experts at Opportunity Insights. They analyzed the data.

“It could just be that it just missed some of the really tough hits in terms of closings and declines in sales that hit places like the northeast or east coast.”

According to their experts, the subway saw the wave of COVID cases much later than any other part of the United States, and the way leaders dealt with the pandemic in different parts of the country played an important role.

“Being able to stay open definitely helped us. Omaha … we’re a small town and I just think they want us to succeed, ”Austin said.

An Opportunity Insight graph shows that Omaha’s malls were able to remain relatively stable during one of the worst economic downturns in history.

“We are very pragmatic culturally.”

Erica Wassinger heads the chamber’s start-up cooperation and says that the economic culture here is different from any other

“This kind of problem-solving, especially with a pandemic, especially with some sort of recession at bay, brings out the best in Nebraskans,” Wassinger said.

Hamilton says it’s the best that keeps him going in a time of uncertainty.

“To be able to make this available to the community, warm my heart,” said Hamilton.

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