Omaha metro restaurants are feeling the shortage of staff

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – If you haven’t yet felt the restaurant staff crisis, you probably will soon. The situation is dire for many businesses now, and the impact can be felt from the drive-thru to the dining rooms.

Joe Charvat owns two Dairy Queen franchises: one in Bellevue and the other in Valley.

“At the moment we are dealing with bottlenecks in applications. and more importantly, going into our busy season – the need is there, ”he said.

Charvat had to decide how to best serve his customers and employees. So he closed the dining areas of his restaurants; Business is just going through now.

“I didn’t want to make my current employees thin. And I think there is the understanding and intent behind this closure, ”he said. “I know that customers want us to be open. I understand that.”

He is not alone; Difficult decisions like this have to be made everywhere in restaurants.

The kitchen table in downtown Omaha says they are doing their best to get along with the staff that they have.

“I think it’s all about hours and how quickly we can respond to growing business demands,” said Colin Duggan, co-owner of The Kitchen Table.

The owners say this is one of the biggest staffing shortages they have ever faced. And after one of the most difficult years, they hang on to the best of what they can.

“We’ve all hobbled about it and it would be a shame to be overwhelmed on the home stretch,” said Duggan.

As the business looks more like it did before the pandemic, the owners are asking the public to look into them. You are hopeful for the future.

“One thing that I focus on, and not the frustration, is what I can do. If people are willing to wait and be patient with what we have, we won’t stop. We will keep working, ”said Charvat.

The owners aim to fill every position from waiters to cooks to dishwashers.

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