Omaha neighbors submit an utility to the town for sewage security in basements

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Imagine coming home to a soaked basement with a smell that makes you sick. Three Omaha neighbors had a sewer in September and one of them filed a lawsuit with the City of Omaha.

A finished basement that is more than a human cave.

Tony Valencia, the homeowner, said, “This really is our living room.”

But uninhabitable for the Valencia family as the sewage was blasted from the drains three months ago.

“It was pretty awful to be down here, or really anywhere in the house. The whole house really smelled, ”said Valencia.

But for the Valencia it really stinks that the city rejects their claim for damages.

Lyuda Valencia, the homeowner, said, “I can’t live like this. I need my house back to normal. So, I have to use my savings and retirement savings to fix the house. “

For liability, the city must be aware of the problem and have had a reasonable time to fix it. The sewer was cleared by a SID three years ago, and when the city annexed the neighborhood in 2018, the city was not aware of any previous fuses. A deputy lawyer for the city writes that there is no evidence of negligence on the part of the city.

“They’re just using the technical legal sentiments so as not to worry about a taxpayer in this community,” Tony said.

Two neighbors also had damage to the canal support.

Bonnie McMuclen’s finished basement looks pretty good, but she says it didn’t look like it a few months ago and it smelled awful. “

Bonnie spent $ 20,000 on repairs and files a lawsuit with the city.

“And they told me this morning that there was a pile of concrete falling through the floor in this manhole down here and it’s clogged up, so I think it’s the city’s problem,” Bonnie said.

This may have been caused by a SID subcontractor, but the neighbors say if the city is annexed they should inherit invisible problems, known or not.

The deputy city attorney in charge of reviewing claims says a homeowner has raised questions about sewers in the area since the annexation. So she will look at the claim again.

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