Omaha neighbors tired of loud sinking manhole

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – During the pandemic, for many of us home was the office.

Every working day at Lori Munhall’s house, the phone line is open, but your windows are not due to outside noise.

“Clinking and cracking noises,” said the homeowner Munhall.

The outside noise is caused by traffic moving over sinking concrete slabs around two manholes on busy Harrison Street near 142nd.

“Even when my headset is on, they may not hear it that often, but I may not hear what the customer is saying to me,” Munhall said.

Lori says the constant irritating noise goes beyond a baffle.

“Just because things are like that I’m on the corner where there isn’t a wall and the part of my house that I spend most of my time in is upstairs and that’s over the wall,” Munhall said.

An unrelated MUD project is forcing more traffic through manholes, adding to the noise problem. While the middle of the road project has reduced busy Harrison to a line and over those sinking manholes, it is a sign of calm days.

After an email, Omaha’s sewer maintenance department investigated and found out why the concrete slabs were sinking around the manholes. A work order has been issued and assigned to a municipal repair team to begin completing the MUD project.

“This is fantastic news. I’m very excited about it. The noise level will drop significantly,” said Munhall.

Lori Munhall is happy that the city’s sewer managers are listening too, after months of increasing noise from rubber on the streets. Just like them, they don’t like what they hear.

A text from Public Works says that the repair of the manholes should start tomorrow morning, which will take a maximum of two days, followed by pouring plates.

The curb on Harrison will be closed during the 142nd Street repair project.

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