Omaha owners are nonetheless struggling to gather trash

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Families across Omaha are still wondering why FCC Environmental hasn’t got the trash out of their homes just yet.

The company added Saturday to its collection route this weekend, and some homeowners say they will be surprised when they get picked up.

“Yeah, that’s a big headache.”

Dana Suntken expected her rubbish to be picked up from her home near 170th Street last Monday, November 30th. She called the FCC Environmental and was told that he would be picked up on December 1st.

But on Sunday evening there are six additional garbage bags in her garage, waiting to be picked up.

“It was a surprise that this was a huge disappointment from the start,” said Suntken.

On the other side of Omaha near 96th and L, Meagen and Nick have two weeks of trash in front of their house.

You don’t expect it to be picked up on the pickup day on Monday.

“You had over a year to get ready. They said they would pick up extra rubbish on Saturday, but it’s still here, ”Meagen said.

FCC Environmental has asked for patience as it begins its second week of service.

The company is demanding that trash be put in its trash cans, but a 6-news viewer posted a picture showing FCC employees dumping trash from old containers not provided by the company.

“I don’t have high hopes right now.”

According to the FCC Environmentalism Director, drivers are still learning new routes and the company is working on kinks.

But the frustration with Omaha’s new garbage service is growing.

As the company catches up with the collections, homeowners say they tried to contact FCC Environmental on their phone line but haven’t spoken to anyone yet.

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