Omaha Police are hoping to conform earlier than towing begins on Monday

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The police will carry out a tow operation from Monday. Getting rid of vehicles standing on the streets will improve the neighborhood and respond to the high number of complaints police receive about the abandoned cars.

“The press release was released on Monday and we probably received a ten-fold increase in calls on Tuesday.”

People are complaining about abandoned, unlicensed, unregistered and vehicles that have been left on the city streets for days.

In December alone, there were more than 350 complaints to the mayor’s hotline.

Well, as of Monday, the Omaha police will be looking for these vehicles and they may be towed.

But in these times of COVID, more people are working from home and others just aren’t going out.

“I think there are a lot of cars out here, especially now, that are not used very often. If they just go ahead and do it without warning, the person may not have a chance to do what they need to do,” said Kate Fagan from Omaha.

Police say they will warn people who have not parked their cars on the city streets for 48 hours.

“Yes, it’s a yellow sticker on the dead camp and it will go to the driver’s window and find that we’ve documented it has been stationary for 48 hours and needs to move,” Lt. said. Charles Ott from OPD.

Kate Fagan lives near 33rd and California. She says the big problem here is vehicles that get in her way when she is walking her dog.

“In this neighborhood, I think the bigger problem is cars blocking the sidewalk,” Fagan said.

Vehicles parked on or blocking sidewalks can be parked or towed.

Over in the historic Minne Lusa district, Sonja Rawlings says that dead warehouse vehicles on the street make the area look bad and can get in the way of first responders and work teams.

“If they want to plow a road and the vehicles don’t move well, they can’t plow properly and then they can’t get fire trucks and emergency vehicles and the like,” Rawlings said.

The police hope that the early warning works will work and that people will stop and move the vehicles in question. Towing is therefore not necessary.

Omaha police say they will also keep an eye out for non-functioning cars parked in courtyards. Police say they will issue a notice of the violation and give the owner ten days to comply with regulations after police are able to get a search warrant to go to the property and tow the vehicle.

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