Omaha Police arrest a man who fled the Lincoln Correction Center

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services announced Wednesday that Omaha police had arrested a man who did not return to Community Corrections Center in Lincoln last month.

Raymond Jimenez was arrested Tuesday and brought back to Lincoln, the OPD report said. Jimenez was scheduled to return to CCC-L on April 7th after completing his labor service in downtown Lincoln.

Previously sentenced to 4-6.5 years in prison from June 15, he was due to be released on August 10.

His previous sentence was for driving a motor vehicle to avoid the arrest and possession of a lethal weapon by a banned person in Douglas County. Now he must be charged with fleeing.

Jimenez was taken to the Lancaster County Jail, the report said.

CCC-L is one of two low-level NDCS facilities that allow inmates to work and attend schools or church services with prior authorization and without direct supervision.

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