Omaha police confirm that the Iowa couple were injured in the crash on Tuesday

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An elderly couple who were reported missing in Cherokee County, Iowa were injured in a three vehicle crash Tuesday afternoon in West Omaha.

According to the OPD report, officers responded to the crash on 171st Street and West Center Road at 4 p.m. with a blue Chevy Tahoe. The vehicle was as described by Barbara and Kenneth Arndt, who were classified “Critically Endangered” on Monday by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office in Iowa, and OPD confirmed on Wednesday that they were indeed involved in the accident here in Omaha on Wednesday.

79-year-old passenger Kenneth Arndt was unrestrained and seriously injured, according to the OPD report, while 78-year-old driver Barbara Arndt suffered minor injuries.

Investigators said the Arndts were driving east on West Center Road and stopped another vehicle at a traffic light on 171st Street to prepare for a right turn. The impact of the crash caused the Tahoe to tip over onto the passenger side. and pushed the turning vehicle into another vehicle, which also stopped at the traffic lights, the report said.

The accident partially ejected Kenneth Arndt and, according to the OPD report, put him under the door of the SUV in which he was driving. Omaha Fire and Rescue freed him and both Arndts were taken to Bergan Mercy Hospital.

All other people involved in the crash refused to receive medical care on site.

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