Omaha police say threats are “not credible” as the investigation continues

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Omaha police said in a tweet just before noon Friday that threats reported in the city are “not credible” but are being investigated.

OPD also requested that suspicious calls or threats continue to be reported through 911 so that police can follow up.

Any additional suspicious phone calls or threats should be reported to 911 for follow-up.

– Omaha Police Dept (@OmahaPolice) April 23, 2021

OPD shared more details on Friday afternoon, saying the department had received reports of “suspicious phone calls threatening violence in various locations across the city of Omaha.”

An investigation found the calls were coming from outside the state, OPD officer Phil Anson said in an email, reiterating that the department did not consider the threats credible.

Several law enforcement agencies continued to investigate, Anson said.

A Union Pacific spokeswoman said the company sent employees home for a day after receiving a threat around 9 a.m. on Friday.

“At around 9 am we received a threat that we took seriously and immediately evacuated the building. As a precaution, we have sent our staff home for the day and continue to coordinate with local authorities to investigate. “

Later that morning, families at Elkhorn Public Schools were made aware that school officials had locked buildings in the district after the OPD told officials they were investigating “a bomb hazard with shooters in several locations in the city.”

EPS families received an email informing them that the school district was taking precautionary measures and that staff were performing “sweeps” to look for suspicious items.

The email said OPD was investigating potential threats in schools, businesses and government buildings.

“Students and staff will remain in their normal routine until further notice,” says the email.

Here is the email EPS sent to families:

“EPS was informed by the Omaha Police Department of a bomb threat involving shooters in various locations around the city, including schools, businesses and government buildings. While the threat was not specific to Elkhorn buildings, we are taking precautionary measures with a lockout of all buildings in the district. The staff will search the building for any unusual items and contact the authorities if necessary. Students and staff will remain in their normal routine until further notice. Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us and we will monitor the situation in consultation with law enforcement agencies. We will notify you of any updates or the end of the suspension. Your cooperation and patience are necessary and appreciated as we find our way through this situation. “

Millard Public Schools officials said in their letter to the families that the students were brought in from break when they learned of potential threats, but that they have since resumed normal activities after being told by police that the Threat there is “unfounded”.

Here is the email to MPS families:

“We are drawing your attention to a situation that we have been made aware of. Authorities have told us that they have been informed of a threat to many businesses across the metro. The threat affected buildings such as companies, city and county buildings, and several school districts. No specific Millard building was mentioned, but the entire district was mentioned.

We work with the police. They are actively investigating and have told us that this does not appear to be a credible threat.

As a precaution, we took the students out of the break for a moment. As we are writing to you, the police have told us that they can confirm that the threat is unfounded. At this point, our day has returned to normal. We will remain in close contact with the police and will inform you about further developments. “

The Elkhorn school officials lifted their lockout status early on Friday afternoon.

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