Omaha Provides ends after eight years; SHARE Omaha picks up the place it left off | Native information

“We are committed to helping SHARE Omaha build a dynamic and robust online resource that will be exciting ways to support donors and nonprofits in the future.”

When it started, SHARE Omaha primarily recruited nonprofits, but now such organizations are asking to participate, Maas said. With the exception of schools, clubs and churches, all 501c (3) non-profit organizations can be featured on the website.

Church-affiliated social service organizations like the Heart Ministry Center or the Abide Network can participate, she said.

Groups that have attended Omaha Gives but do not yet have a profile on SHARE Omaha must submit an application and go through an approval process, Maas said.

It also encourages other eligible nonprofits to join. SHARE Omaha serves an eight-county region in Nebraska and southwestern Iowa, including Council Bluffs.

“We are excited about everything SHARE Omaha has to offer and we continue to have discussions about what our future partnership will be like,” said Donna Dostal, President and CEO of the Pottawattamie County Community Foundation.

For the past several years, nonprofits and their supporters have eagerly awaited Omaha Gives every May.

The foundation promoted friendly competitions between nonprofits by offering prizes, and agencies held open days, lectures, golf tournaments, or even dunk tanks to attract donors.

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