Omaha Public Works is reminding residents to carry again with new rubbish vans

The City of Omaha is reminding residents to continue using the city’s normal trash cans and green trash bins rather than the new trash cans that are currently being shipped.

FCC Environmental Services will take over the town’s garbage collection on Nov. 30, but some homeowners are already trying to use the new vans. According to Public Works, these carts should be parked until the FCC begins picking up the city’s trash on November 30th.

Jim Theiler, assistant director of public works for Omaha, tells 6 News that the current garbage haulage company, Waste Management, will not be putting garbage in the new car. “The waste management industry doesn’t have the right equipment to safely move these trolleys. These are big heavy carts compared to the trash cans we used to have. Therefore the new contractor will have trucks with automated equipment to pick them up. People will be able to handle it. “

“I would recommend that you take it out and put it in the correct doses you’re using and put it back on the curb for the following week.”

If you have any questions, please contact the city’s waste program at 402-444-5238.

(Photo by WOWT 6 News)

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