Omaha residents report seeing murder hornets. Experts say not to worry


Omaha residents recently reported seeing giant beetles on the subway for fear of being murder hornets – actually known as giant Asian hornets. 6 News’ Lileana Pearson took care of it.

First, the good news – while they’re huge and buzzing around my ankles, these bugs aren’t murder hornets.

There are no reports of murder hornets in Nebraska at all.

What you see is a cicada killer wasp. These inch to an inch and a half of wasps live in the ground and spend the day hunting cicadas.

They live in holes they dig in the ground and are too busy to disturb people. So if you see them around, they won’t sting you.

What you are most likely to see in your yard are the men waiting for the female to return to the caves.

Nebraska Extension Office entomologist Jody Green says these insects are native to Nebraska and are naturally seen.

“They are local. They’re pretty common. We have them all over the east coast and we’ve seen more and more of them over the past year, but every time a woman leaves a couple of cicadas with eggs under the ground, they’ll pretty much come back for the next year, “she said said.

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