Omaha Road Crews put together roads for the anticipated weekend snow

While the wintry weather has their sights set on the subway this weekend, Omaha’s Public Works crews prepare to take to the streets.

Omaha Public Works’ Todd Pfitzer says he is reviewing the city’s plans for handling snow ahead of the first forecast snowfall in the area. According to Pfitzer, the crews are planning to salt roads in front of the two storm systems that are expected to hit the subway on Sunday. Brine doesn’t melt the snow, he said, but rather prevents the snow from sticking to the sidewalk, which makes clearing easier.

Pfitzer reports 6 News that residents should expect trucks to drive on the streets around Saturday lunchtime and until the weather hits. “We’ll stay in this business until the moisture arrives on Sunday. We assume it will be dry by the time the snow comes in so our brine stays in place, we hope, and can do its job. “

The two systems are expected to arrive on Sunday, one in the late morning and one in the late afternoon.

Contractors are available that the city calls for snowfall over 2 inches, Pfizer said. The city has been preparing its fleet of snow trucks and making sure supplies are in place since August, he said.

According to Pfitzer, there are approximately 5,000 miles of roads to maintain in the city, with main roads and thoroughfares being the first targets for snow removal, followed by secondary roads.

(Photo by Getty Images)

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