Omaha Sign Company is repurposing materials for COVID-19 devices

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Another Omaha company has switched gears and used materials it has on hand to help people cope with the pandemic.

In April, a local brewery helped make hand sanitizer. Now a local sign and graphics company is re-using some of its materials to keep people safe.

Image360 is a sign company that provides banners, letters on business doors, car decals, and office displays. They posted record sales in 2020.

Then hit COVID-19.

“We wanted to expand our workforce and we hope we can do so in the future, but now we have been able to keep everyone working forty hours,” said Kelly Eldridge, office manager and marketing specialist at Image360.

Eldridge and her husband own the company. She said they could keep their employees going because they took acrylic that they used to make signs and built barriers or sneezers to protect the workers and their customers.

“Trying to find a way to reuse materials we had in store and materials we knew we could get our hands on to help people who are trying to work their way through this pandemic “, she said. “The sneakers and floor decals became ways for us to find products that people needed when they were open and allowed us to keep our staff on a full-time basis.”

Eldridge said that not only will repurposing acrylic help their employees keep working – she’d also like to believe they are helping other workers in the metropolitan area.

“Knowing that this will help keep employees safe has been a fun part of making the barrier covers, or sneeze guards as we call them,” she said.

Eldridge added that some of his clients for acrylic barriers are law firms, dental offices, and schools.

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