Omaha subway drivers struggle with their cars in cold weather

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Trying to keep our vehicles on the road becomes more difficult as temperatures start to drop.

This cold weather tells your car if it’s not ready for winter.

The social distancing of customers in the Jensen Tire waiting room started this morning on that cold day with a car problem.

“Low fluids, the fluids are low. The tires have little tread left, so you slip and slide. Preventive maintenance is key, ”says Smith.

Garett Smith, assistant store manager, says that low fluids can keep your vehicle off the road when temperatures drop into negative numbers and low tire pressure can actually ruin a tire if you don’t catch it in time.

Bare tires on snow-covered, icy roads can be dangerous. According to Smith, a tread depth gauge is the best way to tell if your tires are in good condition. Or you can go old school and use a penny test to check the tire tread.

“By the time you start learning about the hairline or the top of the hair, the tire is worn out,” says Smith.

Garett says many older car batteries fail in the cold winter.

“Check the battery. They know that the battery is crucial, especially in this cold weather. A cell in the battery doesn’t take much to extinguish in the cold, ”says Smith.

Many drivers don’t prepare their cars for winter, and when the battery runs out Joe Brown goes to work.

Joe Brown of Neff Towing says, “Basically, a lot of people don’t want to bother jumping them. Quite busy with the cold weather because there are no starts and people are sliding in the trenches. “

According to Smith, one of the most common mistakes drivers make is running out of antifreeze.

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