Omaha taxpayers are frustrated with refund delays

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – It’s that time of year when we collect information to file our tax return. But many taxpayers complain that the IRS has pending deals like refunds.

Six hours a week of immune system treatment teaches patience, but Traci Smith says she can no longer wait for a financial lifeline because her tax refund is eight months overdue.

“I already borrowed money to pay my bills. I can’t borrow any more,” says Smith. I have five kids and usually taken out a bit more. If I have to pay for something or have an emergency, I can do that. “

The office of Congressman Don Bacon in Nebraska says child loans are scrutinized carefully, which is time consuming, but the IRS is making slow, steady progress. Nonetheless, his staff has a number of open cases such as long delays in filing documents by seniors. The Penkes waited 10 months.

“If I owed them the $ 11,850, I would definitely hear from someone,” says Beth Penke. So I guess you owe me something, am I interested in it? “

According to CPA Julie McCoy, the IRS has promised interest on refunds for returns filed before July 15 last year.

“And pretty decent interest actually, and I have several customers who received interest who owed a refund that was filed before July 15 and who didn’t get their money until after July 15,” says McCoy.

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But these taxpayers say they lose interest in trying to get answers from the IRS about their late refunds over the phone.

“You never speak to a person, everything is automated. Press this button, press this button,” says Penke.

Traci Smith spoke to a taxpayer attorney in an independent division of the IRS.

The attorney says to Smith, “I’m afraid you’re running after.” Smith says, “I have run out of patience and time.”

CPA McCoy suggests that those who wait months for refunds should either contact the taxpayer’s attorney or their congressman.

“That would be a good incentive for the economy,” said Penke. Get people their money back. “

A taxpayer says the refund delay delayed her stimulus check. The Internal Revenue Service shares 6 News that this is not always the case. In this case, however, the payment can be claimed on the 2020 tax return. The IRS claims there has been significant progress on returns and their website has the latest news on refunds.

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