Omaha to reopen playgrounds and splashpads

The City of Omaha Prepare to Reopen Playgrounds and Splash Pads Across the Subway as COVID-19-related restrictions gradually ease.

During their weekly coronavirus news conference on Friday, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert said she and park director Brook Bench made the decision to reopen for June due to Governor Ricketts’ more relaxed health measures.

Stothert says she knows parents recently let their kids play in playgrounds when they were supposed to be closed, but they’re officially reopening from June 1. The mayor says she still urges parents to exercise caution while children are playing on the device. “We just really really want people to know that they have to be responsible. Use your own judgment and be really careful when using this device as we can’t guarantee it has been disinfected.”

All municipal paddling facilities and park pools are also open on June 1st. However, the bathrooms are only disinfected once a day. Therefore, caution should still be exercised when entering the bathroom.

According to Stothert, no decision has yet been made on the opening of city pools as they may have to remain closed for budget reasons. Disc golf, trap shooting and tennis courts will also reopen and two people will be allowed to use the same golf cart again. Previously, golfers were limited to one person per car.

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