Omaha was frustrated with the lack of cooperation when parking in the middle of a snow

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Omaha City officials are disappointed with city snow parking regulations compliance.

Officials say 48 hours after the emergency they see cars that haven’t been moved at all or neighborhoods with vehicles parked on either side of the street, making it difficult to clear residential streets.

“We issue quotations, we carry very little. The only towing we do is when someone is parked so close to an intersection for safety reasons that you cannot see them and you fear an accident might happen in that direction, ”said Todd Pfitzer, Omaha City Engineer.

“I hope our system is on an odd day where you park on the odd side of the street, an even day where you park on the even side of the street, and of course you are in the east-west area and then north – Southern concept, ”said Pfitzer.

Omaha City Engineer Todd Pfitzer plans to discuss possible changes to parking regulations in snowy situations. He says more people will be giving out $ 50 quotes for violating the city’s snow safety emergency.

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