Omaha woman warns of possible cheating from her idol

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A personal text from your favorite entertainer would make most of us dizzy, but the excitement worried a country music fan in Omaha.

Linda Jones met the country legend briefly 40 years ago.

“I shook his hand, he was just a real gentleman,” said Jones.

After joining a “Whispering” Bill Anderson fan club on Facebook, she received a text message.

“I thought I was going to speak to Whispering Bill Anderson,” said Jones.

She thought about it until a text asked for her account routing numbers and bank name.

“I know he isn’t. He’d never do that, ”said Jones.

The country musician went off the stage and online to issue a personalized warning to convince fans that he would never sign a fake check and ask them to deposit it and forward the money to someone else.

“They’re sending text messages that say they are from Bill Anderson and not. Please know that I would never ask any of my fans for money, “said Anderson.

A fraud detective tells the disappointed fan that a scammer is trying to take them from the victim to an ignorant accomplice.

Sarpy Co. Sheriff’s Office Detective Matt Barrall said, “They are trying to give you fraudulent funds such as money stolen from another account. If they transfer it through your bank account, the money will be laundered and you will end up losing.”

Before Linda gave account information to the scammer, she stopped and blocked the texts.

“The scammer uses me for my feelings because he knows I’m a fan of Bill,” said Jones.

Linda will warn other Bill Anderson fans that a cheater is posting while the musician is trying to play her.

On a phone call from Nashville, a music industry manager told 6 News that other artists were involved in their image, which was kidnapped by scammers to deceive victims.

When you join a fan club, look for a blue check mark that indicates that Facebook has verified the page as authentic.

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