Omaha’s Blade 5K receiver will get its legs

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – We introduced you to 9-year-old Nathan Leetsch for the first time in July.

He ran in the first Virtual Blade 5k as the lucky recipient of the year.

He has since turned 10 and now has his legs.

It was just that joy filled my body. Finally I was like yes, ”said Nathan.

Finally – after months of waiting and countless appointments – this was when Nathan got his legs.

“Wow, they smell good,” he said.

He said humbly. Dad said humbly and I think that’s a good word too – but we’re kind of speechless, ”said Melanie Leetsch, Nathan’s mother.

Speechless about how much has changed in her son since he received the prosthesis less than a week ago.

“He didn’t want to take them off. He wanted to go for midnight walks. Yes, he’s overjoyed, “she said.

Nathan’s job isn’t done yet – he’s still doing exercises to get used to his new legs.

But he looks forward to being able to do sports.

“I think I’ll play baseball first and then work my way up to soccer,” he said.

The way he plays kickball, he’ll be there in no time.

Nate and Julie Wigdahl started the Blade 5k organization – they worked with Nathan and his family and are over the moon to see Nathan so successful.

“It was an amazing thing to see it finally come to fruition. And seeing that Nathan can finally run and jump around and do things that he couldn’t before was really great, ”said Nate Wigdahl.

Welcome good news at an overwhelmingly difficult time.

“I was diagnosed with cancer, my father was diagnosed with cancer. You know, Covid, we had Covid. I was unemployed because of my medical problems. So it was … we needed it. We needed good news and a good day, and seeing Nathan puts a lot of life into perspective, ”Melanie said.

Nathan says when the pandemic is over – he wants to go to the space camp and become the first amputee astronaut.

Right now – the Blade 5k organization is looking for their next Blade receiver – there is a sheet below for you to nominate someone.

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