Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo prepares animals for chilly weekend temperatures

(Omaha, NE) – As even colder temperatures hit the subway this weekend, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium keep their animals safe and warm.

If you look around the zoo this week, you can see steam from the water at the sea lion exhibit showing how cold it is. Dan Cassidy, Vice President for Animal Management, told WOWT 6 News that the return water can be heated up to 65 degrees in the function. “So not the temperature at which we want to take a bath, but the sea lions – they will be on their way.”

However, each species is unique and has different needs during this polar vortex. According to Cassidy, every animal in the zoo has a team to monitor them around the clock when the temperature drops, and they all have heated interiors to hang out in for safety. “Because it’s so cold, many animals that are normally outside have access. We call it access so that the door is open for them to come and go. But some will be locked up, like lions. “

But Cassidy says some animals might surprise you. “The cheetahs from Africa, which you would think are just in warm climates, will go outside almost every day.” They even have heated stones in their display to keep them warm.

In the exhibition in the Asian highlands, most of the animals stay outside on Sundays, with an expected maximum value of negative. “The snow leopard, the Siberian tiger, the takin, these guys won’t be a problem outside,” said Cassidy.

However, it’s not just the animals that the team here has to worry about. Zoo leaders say not many people brave the cold in a week like this. But occasionally there are few. “We encourage them to spend some time indoors. We try to offer activities that encourage them to go inside, ”said Dennis Schnurbusch from the zoo.

The zoo has backup generators and additional heaters on standby if the power fails.

(Photo by Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium)

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