Omaha’s “tiny houses” project aims to help people find affordable housing

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Omaha has moved one step closer to being a tiny hometown community after the city council approved a project that will help contain a bit of the affordable housing crisis.

The Siena Francis House is working to provide affordable housing for some of these people with a tiny housing project. Fifth tiny houses are to be built near 16th and Charles Streets.

The rooms are small. There are three models, the largest is less than 400 square meters.

“To the north of us on this sidewalk to Clark Street on the north side there will be 50 tiny houses that will be set aside in small community clusters with walk-through paths,” said Linda Twomey, general manager of the Siena Francis House.

The community will be closed.

These tiny houses have a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Rent is based on income, so residents pay around 30% of their monthly earnings.

“We need rental subsidy support to help people affected by homelessness, especially people who are chronically homeless, get back into the community,” Twomey said.

The ultimate goal is to help people land on their feet. Hopefully they will be able to save some money while living here so that one day they can afford their own home.

“Ideally, we would like people to graduate and move into other apartments, but there are no time restrictions on how long they can stay in a unit,” Twomey said.

The aim is to demolish the building on the property sometime in the fall. Tiny houses are to be built in the countryside early next year.

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