Omaha’s White Supremacist Constructions, Council Diverts Police Funds, COVID-19 in Faculties and different prime native information for Friday August 14th

08/14/20 • Day 54 from Phase III • Nationwide case trends

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James Scurlock, Out of Omaha and the Machinery of White Domination

While we wait for the outcome of the grand jury’s investigation, which may take months, the machinery of white supremacy in Omaha continues to spin in front of anyone who has the will to see.

– From Out of Omaha producer Ryan Johnston:

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Good Morning,

Today we have stories about Out of Omaha producer Ryan Johnston sharing his experience with the structure of white supremacists in Omaha. Omaha City Council is demanding that $ 2 million from the police budget be diverted to community resources, and schools in the area continue to report COVID-19 cases.

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Cajun cuisine

2819 N. 30th Street

The Wrenn family behind Cajun Kitchen could have written the book about flavorful, sassy cooking, but they chose to serve it instead. There’s no menu item that isn’t a messy, delicious masterpiece, but the smothered pork chop is worth ignoring much of the desirable menu.

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