Only 8% of the workforce in Nebraska stayed completely removed by 2021 News – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-05-25 02:49:53 –

According to data recently released by the UN Center for Public Outreach and Research (CPAR), the COVID-19 pandemic affected approximately 16% of Nebraska workers in remote areas in May 2020. That number fell to 8% in the first two months of 2021. The rate of teleworking in Nebraska has been in line with the national trend since the pandemic began.

The combination of industries in Nebraska explains the proportion of remote work. The industries most likely to go to remote areas were finance, insurance, professional, scientific, and technical services. Housing, food, farming, retailing, construction, arts and entertainment were unlikely to move to teleworking. As many people work in the Nebraska industry who can easily switch to remote work as there are those who don’t. For example, roughly as many people in the hospitality and catering industry work in the professional services industry.

In particular, industries struggling to move from home to work also had salaries below the median income of $ 40,000 on average in Nebraska. Josie Schafer, director of CPAR, said, “The financial plight of the pandemic was felt primarily by low-wage workers who had few opportunities to work remotely and were likely laid off due to the COVID-19 shutdown.”

This data was processed using the Vital Statistics Survey (CPS) of approximately 65,000 households jointly sponsored by the United States Census Bureau and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nebraska Workforce Data from CPS Available from CPAR. CPAR tracks workforce data on the COVID-19 pandemic on the Nebraska Economic Recovery Dashboard and two research reports on businesses in Nebraska.

This new workforce data Nebraska Data User Conference Series, a long-running annual event organized by the United Nations Center for Public Information and Research (CPAR). The meeting will continue on June 24th, August 26th and October 28th.

Only 8% of the Nebraska workforce remained completely removed through 2021 Link to the news source Only 8% of the Nebraska workforce remained completely removed through 2021 News

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