Open Door Mission Requires Items to Prevent Heat Injury and Death – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) – Temperatures Rising I worry about those who serve the homeless community and those who live without basic necessities.

Each year in the United States, an average of 702 people die from heat-related injuries. Nearly 300 of these deaths were due to other factors such as health and drug use.

But the other 400 are only caused by exposure to heat.

It is for this reason that the Open Door Mission is hosting the Beat the Heat campaign. They hand out fans, water bottles, sunscreen, chopsticks, and more to those who pass through the outreach center.

Amy Harvey, chief community relations officer at Open Door Mission, says that as the temperature rises, so too does the number of heat-related injuries to guests.

“In the summer it’s just dehydrated and not protected from the sun,” said Harvey.

They do their best to keep the people they serve healthy by providing water, food, and cooling facilities – not readily available to many in the city.

“Most of the places we can rent in Omaha are places where equipment is not offered to the people we serve and window air conditioning is not an issue,” said Harvey. I am.

On the first day we distributed our fans to our families, we gave them 60 units, but now we only have about 100 units left. Harvey doesn’t expect that number to last for a week.

The mission is to work with individuals and companies like Shopko Optical on Beat the Heat Drive in the hope of bringing more of these important items to life.

Victoria Green, General Manager of Papillion, said, “There are many basic needs that the homeless and homeless do not have. If we have the opportunity to take part, we would like to take advantage of it. “

While they have not yet resumed normal road service, their job is to bring these important items to those who stay in the city as well when citizens apply for a social check for a specific area.

“You are at stake, not being able to be safe when the heat rises. They don’t know where to go or what to do, ”Harvey said.

Harvey wants a community to come together this year to prevent these heat hazards from reaching their neighbors.

“Take the time to talk to people and get to know them,” said Harvey. “Who uses these services and how can I help them?” Sometimes it’s a vehicle. “

You can drop off water, sunscreen, chapsticks, fans, and other essentials in any of the open door missions.

They also say call 402-422-1111 if you see someone you are worried about getting on the streets.

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Open Door Mission needs items to prevent heat injuries and death Source link Open Door Mission needs items to prevent heat injuries and death

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