OPPD restores power to the Omaha metro

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The number of OPPD customers without electricity on Sunday evening will go down to zero.

Rain and wind had their way with branches and power lines and caused outages in the utility company’s 14-district supply area. A dozen repair teams spent Sunday wet and cold, bringing energy back into homes.

Homeowners like Kevin Figueroa have been without since 9 a.m.

“My father did some shopping and came back. We were just about to have breakfast and the power went out,” said Figueroa.

The utility says Mother Nature can do a lot of damage from wind and rain. A crew replaced a broken pole south of Streets 20 and Q on Sunday afternoon while Kevin and his father drove into town to get food for the day.

“An electric stove – basically everything runs on electricity and we can’t even take a shower,” said Figueroa. “I mean we can, but it’s cold water.”

Others had brief saps across Omaha. Customers from Memorial Park to Children’s Hospital lost power when winds blew around some power lines, according to the OPPD. The crews restored the power supply within an hour.

The crews faced 285 isolated failures at sunset. Six crews worked on the subway and another six took care of rural areas to get people back on track before they wake up on Monday.

Less than a hundred customers are without power in the company’s 14 county service area on Sunday evening. If you lose power, contact OPPD so they can help you.

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