Organizations are planning virtual People of Color conventions to stimulate interest in elections in Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A group of organizations from the Omaha area are hosting a virtual meeting this weekend to help keep the presidential election momentum ahead of the upcoming Omaha election.

Voters, including people of color, were voting in record numbers in the presidential election and there are concerns that the number will dwindle for the April 6th Omaha primary.

“Historically, that turnout in local elections has dropped by 30-35%. The same people who voted months ago are not coming out to vote for mayor and city council, ”said Preston Love.

A number of community groups are working together to keep African American voters in the game by organizing the People of Color Convention to educate and create excitement about the upcoming city elections.

Precious McKesson was the first woman to cast a vote for a Democrat in Nebraska. Nebraska and Maine are the only states that give votes based on the winner of each congressional district.

Some in the state want to change the division into a state winner, take all, and there are other states that want to change the voting rules as well.

“Now that we are voting in bulk when it comes to people of color, now you have people trying to suppress that voting, and now they are trying to change the way that voting is done and how it is done said McKesson.

Organizers caution that city officials make decisions that affect daily life, from the types of roads we drive to the way our rubbish is picked up.

“The best you can do is have the best representation you can get to represent your part of the community as well as the needs of the wider community,” said Love.

“It affects our children, it affects our taxes, it affects our streets in the city, all sorts of things. I think people understand the importance of city elections, ”McKesson said.

According to McKesson, the best way to educate the public is to focus on the issues that affect the community. She hopes people will see the importance of your voices being heard by voting.

The People of Color Convention is a virtual event that takes place on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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