Outdated Omaha mall proprietor pissed off with denied flood insurance coverage

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – A large and popular antique mall south of Omaha is not open for Christmas shopping. The pandemic is hurting, but that’s not why the doors are closing.

Affected by flooding before Finders Keepers owner took out flood insurance prior to the last hit in May 2019.

Antiques dealer Alicia Chrastil said, “With the insurance money, we could fix the building so it can be sold, or we could open it up.”

Alicia Chrastil paid $ 2,600 for flood insurance for car owners two months before the flood hit the antique mall.

Alicia Chrastil said, “We assumed we had flood insurance.”

The policy of May 2, 2019 and the flood didn’t hit until almost a month later.

But after buying that expensive flood insurance and filing a claim, she drove on a paperwork.

Now, car owner has denied Alicia’s claim because cover cannot begin while a flood is in progress.

Les Robin, her brother, said: “You have rules to protect yourself from? People like Alicia who have catastrophic events have a flood. Why don’t they protect the people they serve instead of protecting themselves? “

An email from FEMA said that although the Missouri River stepped back from its record-breaking crest in March, it remained in a flooded state until June of that year. Even though Alicia was paying for flood insurance, her antique mall wasn’t covered.

“I hate to see it that way. I’m embarrassed to be proud to own this place,” Alicia said.

COVID concerns are preventing a flood sale, but the mortgage and other bills haven’t stopped, so finding flood insurance may not help Alicia keep her business going.

“The perfect Christmas would be for FEMA to realize that we have to pay these people,” Alicia said.

The owner of Finders Keepers has filed a lawsuit against Auto Owners Insurance for denying their flood claim. A company spokesman says he will not comment on litigation.

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