Overflowing recycling returns have an effect on Omaha residents

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – More and more of us are recycling, according to a spokesperson for Omaha’s recycling program.

We can see this by looking at the drop off points.

Linda Forbes is a regular at the town drop-off point near 103rd and I.

“They literally just seemed to be throwing that stuff away and that’s just … that was inappropriate,” Forbes said.

Linda was horrified at what she saw.

“It was clear … I got my feet off the dumpster,” Forbes said.

Tidying up these bins is not just the city’s responsibility. First Star Recycling has some trash cans here that enable the city to use them as a drop-off point even with the new trash contract.

First Star only takes cardboard and their trash cans were emptied Monday morning.

The other containers are the responsibility of FCC Environmental Services, the city’s contractor.

The city has been informed of the problem and the mess has been cleared … but how long?

Dozens of truckloads of recyclables came through while we were here and the bins filled up quickly.

We asked Brittany Schultz what she would do when they were full.

“I’d be crazy, but I wouldn’t throw it on the floor. I mean, I think that’s just a little far, ”Shultz said.

Brittany says not only is the purpose of recycling being ruined, but someone has to clean it up.

Alice Major has been a long-time visitor here too and whenever she finds the trash cans full …

“Oh, we just take it home, but usually they are not so full that you can still get it in the nooks and crannies if you are a little careful and push the stuff in, but when they are full you let go.” Don’t drop it on the floor, take it home and come back another day, ”Major said.

City director for environmental services, Jim Theiler, says when the bins at any of the city’s drop-off points are full. Call the city and they’ll clean up the trash cans quickly.

He says if demand warrants it and if there is enough space, the city will add trash cans to each place.

Linda Forbes is encouraged by her willingness to recycle.

Jim Theiler says much of the demand is due to the holidays. Due to the demand for additional locations, it is planned to add another delivery point in the Midtown region.

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