Piles of trash could soon be removed from the Omaha neighborhood

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The snow is melting away, but the garbage heap near the 13th and Vinton stayed on Tuesday afternoon.

The neighbors have complained that the garbage is being blown onto the street and onto their property.

City Councilor Vinny Palermo said he had been aware of the growing problem in his district for some time.

“It’s a unique and challenging area of ​​row houses, each with carts that may have trouble getting the carts onto the road,” he said.

The city said that two carts were given to each of the 12 houses in the area. One is for garbage collection and the other is for recycling.

Palermo said there is currently no space for 24 carts to be picked up on the street.

“We should give homeowners a place to park their carts for the FCC to pick up,” he added.

The city council also wants to remind people to follow the new rules on garbage collection. The FCC does not collect rubbish that is outside of the bins.

“Before they took a trash bag, maybe on the way out or to the car, and they’d throw that trash bag in the garbage heap,” he added.

Palermo said he wants residents to get into the habit of using their carts. He said he was working with the city’s public works department to correct and prevent another bunch.

He said the FCC had been informed of the problem and planned to remove the heap of rubbish as soon as possible.

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