Police respond to gunfire near the Omaha Zoo

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Omaha Police are looking for a suspect who they said escaped from the scene of a shooting near the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium on Thursday afternoon.

An officer at the scene said OPD received two calls related to the shooting around 4:30 p.m.: one about an incident on 42nd and L. Streets and one at a restaurant in King Kong near 13th and des Deer Park Boulevard. At least four OPD vehicles were on site less than an hour later.

The officer said that shots were fired from one vehicle to another. A man with a gunshot wound was taken to the “Code 3” hospital by the scene. There were three others in the vehicle with him, she said.

OPD is looking for a man with facial hair in a rear-wrecked white vehicle that was last seen on Interstate 80 heading east, she said.

The manager of the restaurant told 6 News that an employee had told her that an incident had occurred in the parking lot.

An attack was reported at the scene around the same time as the shooting, but it does not appear to have anything to do with it, the official said.

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This is a developing story. Stay with 6 News for updates.

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