Preston Love’s Omaha Bar-BQ by Preston Love (1969)

Have you ever seen an album cover that had you on Hello? For me, this album cover would be Preston Loves Omaha Bar-BQ by Preston Love (with Shuggie Otis on guitar). I had never heard of Preston Love before. At least I didn’t know I had it. You see, you know Preston Love even if you don’t know you know him. His song “Chili Mac” from this album was used in Usher’s “Whatever I Want” song from the Confessions Deluxe Edition.

But let’s talk about album covers because there is so much to tell. For starters, Preston, a saxophonist from Omaha, hence the album title and picture, was a pretty solid saxophonist. But that black guy decided to play the saxophone while having a barbecue, and that’s pretty black. I mean, on the list of the blackest things you can do, I’d bet standing on the grill while playing the sax is pretty high on the list. If you add in the apron that was clearly not art oriented, but probably straight from the Preston Love kitchen, we’re working with an Omaha Blackness shelf here. The hat is the icing on the cake.

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And real talk, every song on the album is named after something food-like, and well, everything kind of works. There’s both solid drums and saxophone work, and of course Shuggie Otis brought that funk to the guitar.

And there is a song here called “Pot Likker”. You just can’t see enough of that these days. Shouts to Preston Love and his Black AF album cover.

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