Residents of the Omaha neighborhood are frustrated with the eyesore nearby

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – An eyesore that keeps getting worse: This is how a homeowner describes a neighbor’s property in a neighborhood in Midtown.

Larry Herek has lived in the same neighborhood for 45 years and has watched a property change nearby – and not for the better.

“Lots of garbage – my goodness. Looks like something that belongs in a dump, ”he said.

A privacy fence blocks part of the yard that is guarded by dogs. But the driveway is in full view and there is tons of stuff.

It’s rubbish for neighbors; But for Mike Elliott, whose mother owns the property, it’s parts for never-ending projects.

“I think I don’t really notice half the time when I’m doing it. You know, I’m in such a hurry. I just toss that aside and it stays there and I never come back to it, ”Mike said.

Like the trailer piled high and the camper he wants to convert; or the party bus Elliott says he’s renovating for his favorite bar.

“Every time you drive by, he has another piece of rubbish here – it just keeps building up,” said Herek.

The neighbors’ complaints are heard. The city sent the owner a breach and cleanup order months ago, and if the city crews get the job done they won’t be strangers – they’ve been here before.

The city has cleaned up the property twice in the past three years.

“I can’t afford to fight them,” said Elliott. “I’m not a bad guy, you know? I will clean it up. It looks bad – I understand, you know, but give me time. “

If you ask Herek he already has a lot of time and that this is not the way to a green neighborhood.

A final notice was placed on the property on Thursday; The city crews are scheduled to clean up depending on the weather and time.

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