Shoppers wary after the 2nd incident in the Omaha Mall

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – As police worked to remove the threat in Westroads Mall, people made their way outside.

“All we heard the first time was a couple of shots, like pop-pop-pop,” said Amanda. “And then we just froze, kind of looked the other way and we heard pop-pop-pop. Then we checked and everyone dispersed and we went to the nearest store. “

Amanda is the only name this woman has given us. She’s in town for a weekend with her kids and grandchildren from Watertown, SD

“We talked about it. We said, ‘What do we do if we shoot … if there is a shooting?’ I said what do we know and no, that’s happening today, “she said.

People gathered in the parking lot to process what they saw and heard.

Sangeetha was on Westroads Mall and raised her eyebrows. She said she heard the gunshots and then saw people running into stores trying to hide.

“People were running and they are like coming into the store. Save yourself! ‘ Then everyone goes into the room and lock the door and pray to God, ”said Sangeetha.

In this most recent incident, shortly after a FedEx shooting in Indianapolis, a group of young adults is wondering if anything is safe somewhere.

“I just have to say that I’m not coming back here because I don’t want this to happen to me,” said Alyha Wills.

Erik Fisher added, “Because this is the second shooting in a short time.”

OPD officer Jeffrey Wittstruck is still recovering from a shooting in Westroads Mall on March 12th. Four shots were fired at him, striking his face and the top of his head.

A friend of the group outside of Westroads did not want to give her name on Saturday, but shared a similar feeling.

“It’s morning time. People bringing their kids – it’s a public mall. Even if it wasn’t morning, people bring their children with them – there are pregnant people in there. All that.”

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