Skutt Catholic Student Finalist in National Poetry Competition – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) – Skat Catholic High School juniors entered the finals of the Poetry Out Loud competition. Alex Zaleski is one of nine finalists from across the country fighting for a $ 20,000 scholarship on Thursday evening.

Reciting poetry is a fine line between play and language.

“It’s a Poetry OutLoud catalog that really speaks to students who may already love words or who are learning to love words, and who are often on the shy side. It gives you an interesting opportunity to find poetry. Start the competition in a safe place in the classroom, ”said Sherri Hoye, English teacher and Poetry OutLoud trainer at Skutt Catholic High School.

This year’s competition is a little different. Thanks to COVID, everything was virtual and the students recorded themselves reciting poetry.

“It’s really different from what I’m used to,” said Alex Zareski. Energy from the audience “

Choosing three poems for the competition required a bit of strategy. This year, Zareski chose different styles and followed her instinct.

“This gut’s emotional responses are like what your body tells you, the poem is yours,” she said.

The judges will rate the readings based on physical presence, voice and clarity, dramatic aptitude, evidence of understanding, overall performance and accuracy.

To practice for competition, Zareski writes poetry.

“I have a notebook page that is all graffiti and looks weird, but I keep writing poetry,” said Zareski.

Hoye said she won that.

“She is a very hardworking and very nice person. I could talk about her very emotionally. I’m very proud of her. She cares what she does. And take care of how it is received. “

Some of Zareski’s friends and family cheer for her at a Skat Catholic high school guard party. Click here to watch The Poetry Out Loud live stream on Thursday, May 27th at 6:00 am.

Actor and writer Shaun Taylor-Corbet will host a reading night of the top nine finalists with live interviews with students and the announcement of the 2021 Poetry Out Loud National Champion.

The national finalists of Poetry Out Loud 2021 are:

  • Alabama Champions Seo Soo Jin Park (Auburn High School)
  • Colorado Champion Adin Reed (Fountain Valley School)
  • Nebraska Master Alexandra Rose The Reskey (VJ and Angelus Catholic High School)
  • South Dakota Champion La Helle Megosha (Washington High School)
  • Tennessee Champion Kendall Grimes (Battle Ground Academy)
  • Texas Champion Samuel El Emno (St. Mark’s School of Texas)
  • US Virgin Islands Master Kaden A. Hughes (Antilles School)
  • Vermont Champion Irén Hangen Vázquez (Bar and Burton Academy)
  • West Virginia Champion Ben Long (Notre Dame High School)

The National Final of Poetry Out Loud 2021 will take place, with each finalist pre-recording a recitation chosen from over 1,100 anthologies of classical and contemporary poetry that will be part of the May 27 webcast. Submit to.

The national final judges in 2021 are: Cathy Linh Che, poet and executive secretary of Kundiman. Poet and NEA Creative Writing Fellow Eduardo C. Coral. Poet, educator, organizer, Gabriel Cortez. Idris Goodwin, screenwriter, breakbeat poet, educator, and director of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College. Director and Presenter of American Poetry, Director of Poetry Video Education, Professor Powell M. Cabot of American Literature at Harvard University Elisa New. I’m Branden Wellington, an actor and runner-up at Poetry Out Loud 2007.

The Poetry Out Loud National Finals will award a total of $ 50,000 in awards and school or organizational grants, including $ 20,000 for the national master, $ 10,000 for second place, $ 5,000 for third place, and $ 1,000 -Dollars for fourth through ninth places. Money is given.

Each representative school / organization of the top nine finalists will receive $ 500 for purchase of poetry material.

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Catholic student finalist in Skutt at the national poetry competition

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