Social Security Tax Elimination for 300,000+ Nebraskans – Omaha, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska (KMTV) – The Nebraska State Capitol is leaving for the summer and is scheduled for two more days in session before returning to the re-electoral district in the fall.

The unicameral system did not pass Governor Ricketts’ Supreme Property Tax Act, but passed a series of tax cuts.

“Honestly, when I wondered if we could come here today seven years ago, I didn’t have much hope,” said Congressman Brett Lindstrom.

Omaha Senator Brett Lindstrom said he has tried to remove state social security since he took office seven years ago.

“Ultimately, put Nebraska in a competitive position with the surrounding states and promote taxes and tax reforms that not only keep retirees here but also put us in a better position to compete with our neighbors. Lindstrom said that.

On Thursday, Congress passed a law to expire social security tax for a period of 10 years.

This year we will have a tax cut of 5%, next year we will have a tax cut of 20%, in 2023 we will have a tax cut of 30% and in 2030 we will have a tax cut of 100%.

He says it will affect Nebraskas in all counties and political parties.

“It wasn’t really Republicans, Democrats, or urban or rural areas. It affects more than 300,000 people across the state, “Lindstrom said.

For the average Nebraska in terms of social security, the average savings are about $ 1,000 per year. Many live on bonds.

“As a result, $ 1,000 a year is of great help to many people, including food, gasoline, and spending on their grandchildren,” said Lindstrom.

The bill is currently due to be signed by Governor Ricketts. Senator Justin Wayne was one of eight Senators who did not vote for the bill at all.

He said he would like to assess the “black tax” next Friday, particularly the hidden allegations linked to being black in Nebraska.

“I want to talk about black taxes and how their economic costs can be eliminated or reduced. So when we talk about real estate, farmers, businesses and their tax rates, we can have a fair apple-to-apple conversation. “Wayne, who represents the parts, said about North Omaha.

Parliament also passed law today to lower taxes on businesses in Nebraska. Supporters say they want fair competition for businesses both large and small.

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Social security tax withdrawal for more than 300,000 Nebraskans Quellenlink Social security tax withdrawal for more than 300,000 Nebraskans

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