South Omaha Bar supervisor convicted of federal drug costs

The manager of a South Omaha bar will spend the next decade behind bars on federal drug complaints.

On Wednesday, 36-year-old Brett Feder was convicted in federal court of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and THC. Laundering money and being a criminal in possession of a firearm. Feder was sentenced to 120 months in prison. There is no parole in the federal system. After he is released from prison, Feder will be released under custody for five years.

US prosecutors say Feder was brought to his knees after a series of controlled cocaine purchases, wiretapping, traffic stops and searches of premises. According to prosecutors, Feder was involved with others in the distribution of meth, cocaine, marijuana and THC cartridges used in steamers. Feder managed and operated JD’s Circle In, a southern Omaha that investigators found was a frontline for illicit drug trafficking and sports betting.

About $ 50,000 in drug money and seven firearms were confiscated during the investigation.

(Photo by Getty Images)

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