South Omaha beautification project carried out on Friday

SOUTH OMAHA, NEB. (KMTV) – If you’ve ever driven down historic 24th Street in South Omaha, you’ve seen the art. The area is full of color and culture.

The South Omaha Business Improvement Development was on Friday, the day flowers were planted along historic 24th Street before the busy Mother’s Day weekend for everyone to come out and enjoy.

“I feel like it gives a sense of community and optimism, and it’s a wonderful day. What better way to spend it than on the dirt,” said Karen Pesek, a volunteer.

Volunteers included 24th Street business owners, parishioners, and even some city government officials.

“It’s a community that is so alive and that’s why we’re trying to make these beautification projects so everyone feels invited, so that people from other parts of town can recognize them and spend their dollars here on 24th Street,” said Karen Pesek.

Area leaders strive to help make South Omaha better, and Friday was an example of the community banding together for good change.

“I think South Omaha is a community where people sometimes want to pick up on their mistakes and there is a lot of beautiful things to see. I think if we live down here we are showing and proving that we have a beautiful side to people showing and inviting to see it will do the best for us, “said Ross Pesek, chairman of the South Omaha Business Improvement Development Board.

The volunteers rotated all day, worked hard, and filled 66 large planters on 24th Street, which stretched from L Street to Q Street.

This project was funded by the South Omaha Business Improvement Development Board in collaboration with the City of Omaha.

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