Stick to Omaha and help fight food insecurity

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – It may be early and cold, but that doesn’t stop anyone.

“It’s Saturday morning, we see people show up,” said Dotzler.

As part of Abide’s Saturday serve event, cars stood on and around the Better Together campus. Every second Saturday of the month, the non-profit organization helps distribute hot meals, groceries and diapers.

“With the complication of volunteers and resources in the city, we want to be hands and feet and try to meet those needs wherever we can,” said Dotzler.

This event started last year when the pandemic started. And even though COVID cases are declining, people still suffer from food insecurity.

“We have seen this need continue to grow, and that is why we as an organization have decided to continue to be part of the food distribution specifically for our community,” said Dotzler.

Josh Dotzler expects further long-term effects on people with food insecurity even after the pandemic. He believes that they will play an important role in helping people in the years to come.

“We saw some immediate effects during the pandemic, but the reality is that they will have an ongoing and lasting impact that will affect not only people this year but also for years to come. And that’s how we want to continue to be here, ”said Dotzler.

Over 200 volunteers are on deck to make sure people get what they need. Volunteer Joshua Delaney is happy to do his part and see the huge turnout.

“It’s amazing to see how many people are helping out here, and it’s great that there is help for people in need. So many people come through, it’s great, ”Delaney said.

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