Take a look inside the new Omaha High School as construction continues

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The construction of five new OPS schools is “on time and on budget,” according to the school district’s chief operating officer.

6 News had the opportunity to peek inside one of the two new high schools of the Omaha Public Schools currently under construction on the site of the old Ryan High School on 60th Street and L Street on Wednesday.

“Some of our elementary and middle schools are overburdened.”

Buena Vista High School is the latest OPS expansion. It might not look like much now, but COO Lisa Sterba said the new high school will meet a growing need in southern Omaha.

“We’re seeing an increase in numbers in this part of town,” she said. “We are building the high school because we just have the need. The south is so far beyond capacity. As a parent, I wanted my kid to be in the neighborhood school so I could stop by and see what was going on and be part of the community – both the school community and a community as a whole. “

The first year is limited to ninth and tenth graders; Juniors and seniors will come in the sophomore year.

The school has wider hallways and collaboration rooms where children can gather and work on projects together without disrupting the flow of traffic in the hallways. To address concerns about the possible spread of viruses, the district installed a high-end ventilation system. Sports fields and a stadium will occupy the west side of the property.

All of this is part of the voters who issued a $ 409 million bond in 2018. And with a nod to old Ryan High School that once sat here, the school colors will reflect that.

The first headmistress, Carrie Carr, outlined her first goal:

“Building a Legacy,” she said. “This is one of the first high schools built in our district in such a long time. Many of our high schools have such great legacies and I think we will start with a strong foundation and build something that we will have for so many years to come. “

A second high school is being built near 156th and Ida Streets. Two new elementary schools and a middle school are also to be opened in the next few years.

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