Take Out Tuesday: Curry in a Hurry – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) – This week takeaway Tuesday, 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole takes you to an Indian restaurant that claims the concept of delicious Indian food on the go is the world’s first.

Curry In a Hurry promises quick service with quality food.

It’s not your typical Indian restaurant.

“The menu is very small,” said Sue Gotical.

Ghotikar is a co-owner of Curry in a Hurry and said the small menu does not reflect the great taste of their dishes.

“It’s delicious,” added Gotical.

Everything from chai tea to nan is made from scratch and all meals are served in bowls.

“We traditionally separated rice and sauce. Everything was up and ready. If you really want it, just take it in, ”explains Chef Jim Diggins.

The people of Curry in a hurry said driveways made them so unique. They said it was the only Indian restaurant in town, even in countries that serve Indian drive-through food.

But Diggins said they shouldn’t be confused with fast food restaurants.

“It’s not fast food, it’s a scratcher hood with a drive-through window,” said Diggins.

Diggins said that whether it eats or drives through, Indian food is special.

“It’s warm. It brings you. It reminds you of when you were a little kid and you had that stew in your mother’s house,” he explained.

Curry in a hurry’s favorite dish is chicken tikka masala.

The restaurant also offers vegan and vegetarian dishes. The Koreparak Bowl with Spinach and Chickpeas is the chef’s choice.

“And I’m the guy who eats meat and steak every night,” laughed Diggins.

He said every bite had a tasty punch.

“Flavors are layered in such a way that they build, build, and build up as you eat,” he explained.

When you buy a meal, you get a hearty side from Kofta.

“It’s like potato-based dumplings. It’s fried so it’s crispy on the outside, but has a tater-tots flavor, ”explained Chef Diggins.

With curry in a hurry, taste is important. So every day. There is Fusion every Wednesday on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Fusion Friday combines Indian torches with a twist on more traditional dishes like a barbecue.

“Last week we made ticker-style ribs for specials. They disappeared in four hours, ”said Diggins.

Other Fusion Fridays featured teriyaki broccoli and Japanese-style chicken bowls, Mexican chicken fusion burritos, and even cookies and gravies.

After more than a year in business, the concept for on the go was a hit.

“Oh, they love it. We have many loyal customers. They are like our family, ”Gotical said with a smile.

And like the family, the curry in the Harry people said guests are always welcome.

After being closed for six months due to a pandemic, their dining room opened to customers last week.

Taking part in her curry in a rush food challenge is just in time.

The challenge includes 5 bowls of curry, both sides of kofta, 2 naan, dessert and soda. It’s 6 pounds of food within 60 minutes. The winner has the right to brag about the shirt.

The restaurant is located at 8303 Maple Street.

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