Take Out Tuesday: Rib Shack Smokehouse – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) – May is national barbecue month, so perfect. 3News Now Anchor Serese Cole introduces you to the city’s newest BBQ areas.

On Tuesday for takeout this week, she goes to the Rib Shax Smokehouse, where St. Louis style ribs bring customers back.

“It’s okay to lick your fingers, slap them,” laughed Jackie Robins.

That’s why Jackie Robins describes grilling in the Rib Shax Smokehouse.

She and her husband Malcolm opened the place in April.

“We’re from St. Louis and we bring the flavor and atmosphere of St. Louis here to Omaha,” explained Robins.

The key to St. Louis style ribs starts with secret friction.

Their pit masters season them just right and then put them in smokers who slowly cook them for hours.

“We removed them from smokers and this one woman bought them like ten records. You loved those cow ribs, ”she shared.

Ribs are the main attraction, but the menu has a lot of deliciousness.

“You love brisket here. I’m great, like brisket and pulled pork. They bought it in bulk, ”said Robins.

There really is something for everyone.

“We also have catfish fries, fried prawns, catfish nuggets, and wing fries. We also smoked wings, ”she added.

Jackie said you have to try the aspects of her soul food too. Collard greens, cabbage, macaroni and cheese, baked summer chilli beans, and spaghetti are all made from scratch.

Rib Shack’s slogan is that you can try it before you buy. So if you don’t know what you want, you can try the meat and the side dishes.

No matter what you choose, each grill is served with a special potato salad.

“My favorite is the brisket sandwich. It’s got a lot of taste, ”said Isaiah Coleman.

Isaiah, a rib shack cook, loves sauces too.

“It’s so cute. It has its tongue. You know, its lively taste can’t be found anywhere else,” Coleman said.

“This is a special restaurant,” said Jackie.

After owning two successful ribs in St. Louis, Jackie says her new grill business is celebrating.

“We came here, not after the restaurant’s mission. We came here heart to heart with our husband, ”Jackie explained.

Malcolm suffered a major stroke in 2018.

“My husband had severe heart and brain haemorrhage and a coma that lasted for days,” she recalled.

He needed a heart transplant to take her to Omaha.

After conquering their hearts in July, they stayed.

“We decided to make it our home,” said Jackie.

A new restaurant with a new heart and heart …

“You can get good food if you walk through the door, but it’s not just here. It’s love and passion and only part of our journey, ”says Jackie.

Malcolm is being fixed.

“I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to reopen the restaurant during the pandemic. It’s wonderful that my husband was moved during the pandemic, ”Jackie said with a smile.

Both are grateful for the new beginnings and the opportunity to bring the taste of St. Louis to Omaha’s new home.

The Rib Shack Smokehouse has a special lunch for less than $ 10.

The restaurant is located at 10841Q Street, Suite 105.

They are open 6 days a week. Meals, takeaways, order delivery or curbside are possible.

Display the full menu or the catering menu website.

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